Gun Defense Questions and Answers. Why have a gun in the first place?

I have been called, e-mailed and stopped on the street, inhibited in my office, at a couple of places where I shop, and at the post office. Me radio ads for Steele’s Gun Shop and I’m known to be familiar with weapons to varying degrees. I have been asked about what kind of gun or rounds to purchase for home defense and about concealed carry of guns and chef knives. Some of these questions were from people who have never owned guns before and some sig 2022 magazine from those who “hate” guns and even hate gun owners as well to varying degrees.

One of my friends has interest in a business near the World Trade Center site. One friend was the one who first reported the airline that hit the Pentagon, about three windows from his office window. Another friend of excavation lives on Long Island and works in the building industry and at a huge materials store there; so she is in constant contact with workers and contractors powering the New york city area. Some of my friends are military, National Guard, and police. I am no authority, in my mind, nor compared to some that know, but I am very open in my communications on anything. So, I am asked about lots of things. I have been around guns, gun shops, police, military, and worked as a Federal Law enforcement Representative, as a Security Policeman in the You. S. Region Guard, and as a Security and Pr person at FEMA for a while in disaster preparedness and as an on-site disaster center worker.

Me have some opinions and some are quite strong. They use knowledge and experience and information from those who know better than I. So here is some data in the form of;

Frequently asked questions and My Answers.


For the same reasons we have smoke sensors, first-aid kits, fire extinguishers; life, health, dental and home insurance. Because planning, preparation and investment in proper tools and devices — give us more control over ourselves and our hair straightener and well being in a arena. And, having better control of the lives and future is a local concern and need for many of us.

I think, and most of us think, that any life worth living is worth safeguarding. We have dedicated 40, 50, 60, or 100 hours a week to providing for our families so that they may live life without major interruptions or aggrevations and death or injury at the hand of a “Bad Person”. Disaster is certainly not part of our plan for optimum endurance for us and our house.

Because people are neither natively bold nor courageous and because people are natively more comfortable, less worried, having something at hand for self and family defense; having a weapon at hand or a method of defense and protection is an internal thought that is built-in and local. That can include decisions to lock the doors, live in safer areas and staying aware of news and current events. Even those who hate guns and want all of them gone, always seem to have a kitchen silverware, a baseball softball bat or a sword (Ha) to guard themselves with. The Bad Person, BP laughs the result deploys in the hands of someone not used to fighting for their lives and it is in fact laughable if you’ve ever seen a street thug fight or attack someone.

Those who decry guns are the first to call 911 and plead with someone, a policeman, with a gun to come and defend them — law enforcement can not and will NOT ARRIVE IN TIME. In fact law enforcement are not even expected to arrive to guard you. They are expected only, legally, to come and mark chalk lines around your dead body and that of your family — and to formulate the reports, take pictures of the blood splattered walls and floor, and file them away along with a report on what they find at the scene of your hard. Check it out; even the Supreme Court of the united states had made a written decision to that extent.


None. A not for present shooter should have no gun. Having a gun without taking the time and effort to learn how to Use it correctly and safely hit what is aimed at is not only silly but it’s dangerous. Here, I agree with the anti-gun people. THEY shouldn’t have a gun because they wouldn’t use the gun and will shoot someone for nothing, or miss and hit someone else. Non-Shooters should not own guns, period. Anti-gunners usually tend to become murderers or accidental killers with a gun than without. It is a piece of cake that if they don’t trust others with a gun, they undoubtedly are not worthy of trust with one themselves, and that is exactly certain.


First of all, don’t buy a gun if you will never become proficient with it and that takes some time, reps and training. My first suggestion is the. 38 caliber/. 357 caliber revolvers. These are inexpensive and easy to find new or used. The. 357 revolver and can be used with low power. 38 caliber ammo for practice and for defense the same gun will allow the use of extremely powerful. 357 ammo. They are made to hold 5 or 6 cartridges and which should be fine for home defense. They are quite accurate and easier than you think to learn. They have no “safety” lever so under tension and in the panic of having to use one for self-defense, there is no safety to remember about changing to the fire position from the safe position. Many, many people have died as a result of trying to defend themselves with a gun that was still on safe when they needed to fire it to stop someone from killing them. The Bad Person won’t wait for you to remember the safety. I’m not in favor of safeties at all. Every person at your house that has access to the gun Must be competed in safe handling. No safety switch, lock or chain will make a gun safe in the hands of an simpleton or an quite unsafe gun handler — ditto.

A revolver is the gun that cowboys used. The storage container holds six shots, and orbits as it’s shot, hence it’s called a six present shooter or revolver, and after each shot the storage container orbits to put another cartridge in the rear of the bat berrel ready to fire when the trigger is pulled to slam the hammer down and fire the topic out the bat berrel from is aimed or pointed at.

Once a person has dismissed from your job several revolvers or several handguns, many of them choose a pistol. A pistol is a semi-automatic hand gun it does not have a storage container but has a periodical to hold several cartridges instead. It is called a semi-automatic because it moves a new cartridge in place to befired each time the trigger is pulled, just like a revolver. Some pistols hold 15 or 20 shots or times even as call it. Modern pistols are merely allowed to have 10 times in america as a result of some idiotic laws passed by people who should not be allowed to have guns themselves. I prefer pistols to revolvers myself but advise revolvers for newcomers to learn on.

By the way, an “automatic” is a gun that shoots all of the shots, in machine gun rapid fire fashion with ONE pull of the trigger. Few people own and even fewer can effectively use an automatic weapon. They are better for noise than for hitting something. The real most suitable choice for home defense is a shotgun. But most people want a pistol as it’s easier to have next to the bed and to organize. The shotgun however is easier to aim under stress and is more likely to stop an attacker faster. Shotguns come in many configurations and sizes. They come in several cartridge sizes too. The two most common sizes are 12 gauge and 20 gauge, there are many other sizes but for home defense we’ll stick to the more common 12 or 20. In most cases the shotgun is less expensive, easier to use, and better for defense than only a pistol by far.

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